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moulding section

53 grade cement of required quality, Sand & Metal are to be taken into bins of weigh batcher by means of Loader. As per our Mix design all these in gradients are to be taken into revolving mixer and then graded best quality concrete is prepared by adding water into it.

Mould is oiled before use form inside. Longitudinal wires are tensioned in the moulds longitudinally. After that mould is taken on spinning machine and spinning is to be started with slow speed. Concrete prepared as per above then poured in to spinning mould by means of belt feeder to the required thickness. After completion of feeding concrete is to be leveled by using slicker till we get top finish on inside face of concrete. After that spinning is to be done for next 5 to 10 minutes to set the concrete inside the mould. After initial setting of concrete mould is removed from spinning M/c. by means of crane and kept on track for final setting till next day.

Next day all the tensioned longitudinal are to be released and mould is opened for removing core from the mould. Here we can get concrete core. This core is then kept in sprinkling yard for three days.

After that opened mould is re-assembled, oil and pre tensioned for further production.