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We ensure the best quality Prestressed Pipes. For this purpose, Shivganga have a well equipped laboratory where in raw material like cement, steel etc. tested before used for the production. Shivganga uses designed mix for better concrete, which is to be used for the manufacture of pipes. Shivganga is equipped with latest hydraulic testing machine where each and every pipe is tested .

Shivganga have made special arrangment for curing the pipes by fully immersing in huge curing tanks. Shivganga is equipped with latest Hydraulic testing machine where each pipe is tested.

Hydrostatic Testing Machine = Here a special type of machine is used for pipe testing the pipe is mounted on a machine. Water is filled in by centrifugal pump, the pipe is subjected to require procure head by pressuring of excess of water by using a special pumps called " Reciprocating Pupms", the pump is tested to require pressure head by reading of water pressure gauges if the pipe found leak proof then it is conformed that pipe is sound in all respect as per the specifications before the pipes are dispatched to specific customer or site.

Inspection and Test = In addition to pressure tests on all pipes, the quality assurance programme includes. -

Regular testing of incoming raw materials and components.

• Monitoring of prestressing process.

• Gauging of important dimension of all pipes ends.

• Daily measurement of permeability of mortar.

• Daily measurement of cube strenths of concrete and mortar